Thanksgiving Throughout the Year

Nov 30, 2020

Thanksgiving is not confined to one day a year; it underscores everything we do in our love for God, ourselves and our neighbors. First, we are grateful for the church calendar which reminds us about the history of our faith and why it means so much to us. We start the year with Advent, the […]

Challenges and Uncertainties

Nov 23, 2020

The life in Christ is not without its challenges and uncertainties; in fact, it seems as if these provocations can loom even bigger when we have given up control of our lives and destiny to God. We won’t all have the challenges that Paul faced when he was spreading the Gospel around the Mediterranean Sea […]

Preparation For Advent

Nov 23, 2020

Our beautiful season of Advent starts in a week, but it is greatly overshadowed by the commercial use of Christianity’s foundational spiritual event in order to promote the materialism that dominates our society today. Two days ago I led a retreat on Preparation for Advent, the arrival of Jesus as a baby in this world. […]


Nov 16, 2020

You might ask, “where do you get your ideas for these blog posts?” And here is my latest experience: last Sunday our Adult Sunday School Class was led by our minister, Rev. John Cleghorn, who at one point said, “You know, disciple means learner.” That definition stayed with me all day Sunday and that’s how […]

To Love God With All of Ourselves

Nov 09, 2020

It is clearly stated in different ways in the Bible that if you love God and follow His commandments to love and to treat our neighbors as we would like to be treated, then we will be blessed and know God’s grace and love and support. If we don’t love God and follow His commands, […]

To Love as God Loves

Nov 02, 2020

To love as God loves means that we have to drop our prejudices and our judgments about others, we have to let go of everything that our culture has taught us and all that our ego desires, so that God’s love can flow through us unchanged. Our standard for love is God who “causes His […]