Nov 29, 2021

11.29.21 Advent   Thanksgiving, gratitude to God for all that we are, all that we have, all that we are to become—Thanksgiving in our country ushers in Advent, the celebration of the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ, in this world. Advent is the season of waiting, of anticipation, of knowing the gift that is […]


Nov 22, 2021

I wrote a few weeks ago about gratitude. And here we are in the week of Thanksgiving. The first pilgrims feasted in the fall of 1621 in thanksgiving for this new country, for the help of the natives in settling in, and so we do, too, exactly 500 years later, celebrate this country and all […]

How Do We Live As Disciples of Christ?

Nov 15, 2021

  Last week I wrote about living in the truth instead of the narrative: the narrative is the story that we have been taught by our culture, our parents, and through our own experience—it is what we want to have happen in our lives. And now this week, I turn to what happens in our […]

Living in the Truth or in the Narrative

Nov 08, 2021

  The narrative is the story we’ve each grown up with, the stories in our culture, the stories in our families, and our own take on what has happened to us. The narrative is what we look to be affirmed in the world, in ourselves. We are wholly dependent on this, our version of the […]

Gratitude to God

Nov 01, 2021

  To me, the most important attribute that emerges in us as we bring our whole selves to God is gratitude. Gratitude for all the blessings, the grace, the gifts and talents embedded in us, as well as for the tough lessons of our lives. These tough lessons are the things and people in our […]