Life, Death, and Resurrection

Mar 28, 2022

  Jesus’s life here on Earth promised many things: God’s love and forgiveness for us, God’s care for the poor and needy, God’s purpose for us in this lifetime, and so much more, including resurrection after His death on the cross. Could there be a more horrendous death than dying on the cross? But that […]

Life is a Growing Experience

Mar 21, 2022

3.21.22   Our human lives are meant to be a growing experience, with each challenge and blessing meant to change us, and as we absorb all that happens to us, we are still learning and growing until we die. The same is even more true with Christians, because the Lord has a plan for each […]

How to hear the voice of God

Mar 12, 2022

  Once we decide to Love God with all of ourselves and to follow Jesus, the first skill we need to develop is listening to the Indwelling Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit dwells within us and needs to be listened to in order to bring forward His wisdom into our lives. Our minds are […]