Heart, Soul, Body, and Mind Working Together

Sep 26, 2022

26.22 Our bodies, and hearts, and minds, and souls are all connected amazingly into an interdependent system just like the interconnectedness of all the plants and animals, waters, sun, and sky are all interconnected on this planet earth. Within ourselves, if we are really aware of what is going on in our bodies as well […]

Living in the Present Moment

Sep 19, 2022

Following Jesus means that we will at some point be able to experience the presence of God and to be present to whatever is happening right now in our lives. To be present means that we are free to just be and to enjoy what is happening right now, to be able to clearly see […]

Digging Deeper Into Our Resistance

Sep 19, 2022

9.19.22   So much of our journeying with Jesus depends on our ability to deal with our resistance, our self-importance–in the main, our culturally-conditioned selves. We Americans are prone to set our agendas and stick to them, no matter what, we are mostly concerned about our own selves and what we need, and we do […]

Hearing and Seeing

Sep 05, 2022

9.5.22              Seeing and Hearing   There is so much for us to learn as we follow Jesus into the life that God designed for each of us. There is so much for us to give up: our ego’s preoccupations, our agendas and desires, and our culture’s standards, so that, over time, we will be able […]