Dec 03, 2018

“Hush, Hush, somebody’s callin my name                                     Oh my lord, oh my lord, what shall I do?”     Do you have any idea about what is coming in your life? How often do our lives take a turn that we never anticipated? And how do we respond to those changes? With acceptance and grace? […]

“As the deer pants for streams by the living water…”

Apr 23, 2018

“As the deer pants for streams of living water, so my soul pants for you, my God.” [Psalm 42] Your presence is an essential to my life, your guidance what I live by, your healing and transformation my joy, your insights into loving you carry me, your inspiration that I depend upon for my blog […]

What if….?

Feb 26, 2018

What if? –we stopped projecting our stuff on to God and just discover who He as He reveals Himself to each of us? What if? –we just listened to God tell us what He wants for us instead of telling Him what we want? What if? –we dropped our very human inability to be consistent […]


Jun 19, 2017

Writing about gratitude last week leads me now to humility, the true reduction of our ego-importance to the reality of who we are before God. When we think that human beings are but one of an estimated 7 million species on this earth, and that this earth is but one planet in a vast universe […]

You called; I came

Oct 24, 2016

  My posts this week follow the theme I posted last week, “You called; I came.” Each day’s quote is a prime example of God’s voice as I heard it in my mind. What I have learned is that God doesn’t think at all like me, so that his voice is highlighted within me whenever […]

You Called; I Came.

Oct 17, 2016

I think of the Lord as sowing seeds, inviting us all our lives long. It is up to up whether we hear his invitation. It’s us to us whether we answer his call. But the invitations are always being issued to each of us: to freedom, to your true self, to love, to truth, to […]


Sep 26, 2016

It is so interesting to me to go from feeling like a totally separate, independent person to having a seamless relationship with God where I can no longer tell the difference between the way he thinks and the way I think. When I first surrendered my life to God I used to trade things off […]

True Humility

Jan 26, 2015

Humility is a strange concept to us Americans. We are so self-sufficient and self-directed and motivated, that we almost can’t grasp what humility is. It is not a cloak that we wear to subdue ourselves and look like we are “humble” and pious. It is not an attitude that we have to be a doormat […]