A Lesson Gratefully Learned

Nov 26, 2018

I learned so many lessons from being married for thirty-seven years to Hank Adams and raising our daughter and twin sons. By far the biggest lesson I learned was to not take anything personally. Early in our marriage, when Hank was mad at me, I took it personally. It was my fault; he was angry […]


Sep 08, 2014

On a recent August morning I was reading the Bible Workbench lesson on Jacob wrestling with a man(or angel as some translations say) in preparation for the meeting at my church that day; tears are flowing from my eyes. As I ponder my reaction, I realize that my life[all our lives] has been consumed with […]

Disappointment in God

Dec 20, 2010

If I print my blog on pretty paper or wrap it up like a Christmas present with a beautiful bow, will I disguise this truth about modern people and God?  Or maybe I should just whisper it: we are pretty disappointed in God.  Oh, nobody much talks about this, but I believe this disappointment is […]

Embracing the paradoxes

Apr 05, 2010

I was brought up in a hell-fire and damnation church in Kentucky with the preacher yelling and screaming about how sinful we were and how consigned to hell we were, pounding his fist on the pulpit for emphasis every Sunday. This was a powerful and toxic drama that had these effects on me: 1)a tendency […]


May 13, 2008

Doubt doesn’t have to rule your life.