Nov 21, 2022

11.21.22          Gratitude   I believe that gratitude to God for the life He has given us, for His presence in our lives, for all the blessings, and even for all the challenges and pain is the very essence of our love for God. When I look back on my life, I was most burdened by […]

Living in Gratitude

Jan 31, 2022

Living in Gratitude   Gratitude, to me, is the very fundamental aspect of our love of God. Our appreciation for our lives here on this beautiful planet, our families, the friendships that have sustained us over our lifetimes, our work, our leisure interests, our challenges and blessings, forms the underlying support for our love of […]

The Artistry of God

Jan 10, 2022

  This fall I became enamored with clouds to the point that I am planning to use the 100+ pictures I have taken of them in the last two months to create a book filled with meditations. I often walk out of my house these days or drive away and my eyes are filled with […]


Nov 22, 2021

I wrote a few weeks ago about gratitude. And here we are in the week of Thanksgiving. The first pilgrims feasted in the fall of 1621 in thanksgiving for this new country, for the help of the natives in settling in, and so we do, too, exactly 500 years later, celebrate this country and all […]

Gratitude to God

Nov 01, 2021

  To me, the most important attribute that emerges in us as we bring our whole selves to God is gratitude. Gratitude for all the blessings, the grace, the gifts and talents embedded in us, as well as for the tough lessons of our lives. These tough lessons are the things and people in our […]

Thanksgiving Throughout the Year

Nov 30, 2020

Thanksgiving is not confined to one day a year; it underscores everything we do in our love for God, ourselves and our neighbors. First, we are grateful for the church calendar which reminds us about the history of our faith and why it means so much to us. We start the year with Advent, the […]

Gratitude to God

Oct 19, 2020

Gratitude to God is the foundation, the very basis of our love for God. Without gratitude for all that He has done in our lives, for the privilege of living on this beautiful earth, for the life He had given us, for the companions we have along our journey—family and friends and others who inspire […]

Some Healing Suggestions

Apr 20, 2020

During this coronavirus season let’s dig a little deeper into our lives beyond the mind’s ragings of anxiety and hopelessness and the powerful desire to get back to “normal,” which I have found to be  a moving target at best. Let’s take the time to enjoy our families and this beautiful earth, to look for […]


Dec 23, 2019

“How often I expect life to go well because, well, because I’m a good person and I deserve it. How we privileged folks take our blessings for granted. What if I were to shed that arrogance, lay down the burden of expecting everything to be fine, and greet every grace with wonder and amazement? I’d […]

The 23rd Psalm

Nov 04, 2019

“The Lord is my shepherd…”[1]   The 23rd Psalm describes the nature of a loving relationship with God. It defines what trust is. It speaks of the faith we have in our Creator God who leads us, refreshes us, guides us, comforts us, treats us well in the presence of our enemies, and anoints us. […]