3rd Step in Loving God: Surrender

Dec 19, 2016

In the last two weeks I have written about the first two steps in loving God with all of ourselves, 1- giving up our own very negative self-image and 2- exchanging our anxiety and fear for a deep trust in God for taking care of everything for us and listening for God’s wisdom in everything. […]


Feb 29, 2016

  We know what prayer is, right? The Lord’s Prayer. Petitions. The prayer is in the words that we send up to God. Those are prayers, wonderful ones, yes, but only a small part of praying. Praying mostly consists of opening ourselves up—heart, mind, soul and body—to the presence of God. We can access his […]

Eden and the kingdom

Feb 22, 2016

One way to look at our lives here on Earth is that we are born out of Eden into a land of free will. I know—I am altering the Biblical story in Genesis a bit! But Genesis Chapter 3 seems to me to be suggestive at least that Adam and Eve ruined our chances here […]

Wrestling with God

Jun 29, 2015

When I am struggling in my life am I wrestling with myself or am I like Jacob wrestling with God? It seems in the spiritual life there is so much to wrestle with. I’ve come to think that each step on the journey takes a serious reworking of the way I think and feel and […]

Our Purpose

Dec 29, 2014

If you have sat in church and said the Lord’s Prayer every Sunday and not felt compelled to be a part of those who would usher in the Kingdom here on earth, if you think it is up to God, Christ and the Holy Spirit, then I think you are sadly mistaken. Aren’t we Christ’s […]

Life is lived on two levels

Jul 07, 2014

Life is lived on two levels in this world whether we are aware of the second one or not. Our lives are like the ocean in which all the waves, choppiness, white caps and agitation take place in the top fifteen feet; below this surface busyness flow long, slow currents, for us, the longer arcs […]