The Wholeness of Who We Were Meant To Be

May 15, 2023

5.15.23   One of the most interesting things about living on this earth at this time is that only God knows where we are going or what will happen to us. We live as if our plans and agendas will happen, but are often disappointed by what actually happens. That’s because we are not in […]

Hearing and Seeing

Sep 05, 2022

9.5.22              Seeing and Hearing   There is so much for us to learn as we follow Jesus into the life that God designed for each of us. There is so much for us to give up: our ego’s preoccupations, our agendas and desires, and our culture’s standards, so that, over time, we will be able […]

Knowledge vs. Wisdom

Sep 02, 2019

We can have all the knowledge in the world, we can know the Bible backwards and forward and not know anything in our hearts and souls, only in our minds. How are we to live what we know about Jesus’ teachings and the whole wisdom of the Bible? That takes a living, loving embrace of […]