Meditation: Realizing

Sep 19, 2009

Here is a guided meditation to help you direct your inner attention to the process of realizing and fulfilling all that you are meant to be. Read through it several times so that you can comfortably and gently lead yourself through the steps of the meditation. Don’t worry about anything: let go of any worry about forgetting a step or word, just go with the intent of the directions; let go of any expectation that you will receive something or learn something, it may or may not happen within the meditation, maybe much later; and do go with the flow of what happens. Before you start identify a natural space with which you connect deeply, one in which you feel safe and relaxed. Every … means to pause and relax.

Sit or lie comfortably, preferably sitting straight so that your back is upright, but not rigid. Take a few deep breaths and exhale very slowly…see yourself at the top of an outside staircase with ten steps that lead down to your favorite natural place…take the steps slowly, one at a time and pause to relax more and more at each step…count down from 1 to 10 as you step on each one….at the bottom you are deeply relaxed…look at your favorite outdoor place, inhale deeply of the aromas there—the sea, the woods, whatever you are experiencing…take in the sights there with the eyes of love…feel the gentle breeze tease your hair and skin…savor the sensuousness of the place…you are deeply relaxed now and thinking about what it might mean to realize your full potential…You look ahead to see a person, very luminous and not quite solidly real, who beckons you to sit beside him on a bench…he asks you to consider where your talents need to be developed most and where your weaknesses need to be transformed most…whatever you say he presents as a picture like a hologram before you as you are fulfilled, glowing, overflowing with love and exhibiting what you are describing in the most luscious terms. When you are done with the assessment, he gives you a gift, a reminder of all that you have said and of the pictures of yourself that he showed you…gratitude overwhelms you…before you know it he has disappeared slowly fading from view and you are alone again in your special place…take one last look around, knowing that you can always return to this place anytime you want…now walk back to the staircase and slowly start up the stairs, counting from 10 to 1 as you reach each one…with each step you are returning to waking consciousness until you reach the 1st one again…now you are fully awake and refreshed with full memory of what occurred in you special place.

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