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Oct 05, 2020

This week I want to highlight more experiences with the Holy Spirit, this time from readers who shared their stories of encounters with the Holy Spirit after reading last week’s post. I have only done some minor editing. I apologize for the length of this post, but I wanted to include them all.


Whether short or long, each person shares their experience of the Holy Spirit, in one case of Mary, Mother of Jesus. One that I would add from my own experience is that I often get comments from readers of this blog saying that what I wrote was just what they needed to hear! And that is the Holy Spirit speaking to them through His inspiring me in what to write.


Hear that echoed in M.D.’s experience with handing out her drawings, a picture with a Biblical verse on it: “I have so many experiences with the Holy spirit that I can share. In my addiction I could literally feel the Holy spirit keeping me safe and actually telling me to run several times that actually saved my life. In recovery I see and feel the Holy spirit daily. I draw these pictures and write scripture on them and give to ppl[people]. Almost everytime it is exactly what the person needed at that exact time. Also a lot in my newfound relationship with my son that I have just been reconnected with after 21 years. We seem to be in sync even tho[ugh] we have been separated all his life. When I praise and worship I feel the joy of the Holy spirit fill me.”



R.L. writes of her recent experience of the healing power of the Holy Spirit: “I know in my life that it is the Holy Spirit that guides me and shows me so much love and understanding. I recently had my yearly medical physical and a few days later the doctor called me to give me the results of my blood test, he informed me that I have antibodies of COVID-19…you see I never had symptoms of the coronavirus.”



C.S. explains her experience of the Holy Spirit: “So so many large and small examples of God’s spirit has guided my life, protected me from myself and other people/circumstances, filled my heart with peace when it made no sense, provided for me in totally unexpected ways. Each closed door opened another into a life changing experience of service. I never made a conscious choice. I followed the only path set before me. My combined love of children with disabilities and horses for therapy, housing homeless veterans, advocating for cancer patients, building a pediatric rehab program on the Navajo Reservation, and on and on. At present while the pandemic rages onward, I was sent to a ranch in an isolated area of Montana for 2 months to help a friend. He sends me beautiful dogs to care for while their owners are away. It keeps me very active, the companionship is full of love and the income sufficient to pay bills. God is faithful and will lead us to wonderful unexpected places when we trust.”



M.P. shares her experience of the Holy Spirit: “his voice comes in through…the middle of our thoughts sometimes really loud for me to watch out for danger but its definitely there in between thoughts…hard to kinda describe it is like someone sitting on your shoulders and talking in your ear.”



N.P. writes of His love for Mary, mother of Jesus, “mi ama:” “I had to bury a loved one today. And as they say everything happens for a reason…I came across your post. I enjoyed every word…as I read it…When my mom found out she was pregnant with me…all Doctors said I wouldn’t survive. My mom went to Mexico and climb[ed] the stairs to the presence of The Virgin Mary…not giving up on me. She climb[ed] many steps…on her knees. Til she arrived at Virgin Mary’s feet. And cried…prayed for me to be brought in this world. When all Drs said I wouldn’t see Gods light and witness his love. Here I am…49 yrs old. A blessing of God, Jesus and Mother Mary. I call her Mi Ama. Aka My Mother. My mom told me this story and after I heard it, I always felt someone was calling me as I grew older…Then one day…she showed her presence…I was on drugs at the time. I was lost…but she came to me. She told me…mijo, I’m waiting on you…Her presence was the most beautiful colors on my ceiling. When I was at my lowest. And I realized then…She wanted me to visit her…she truly wanted me to see her…she knew I needed her… [He later visited San Juan TX] I’ll never forget the experience…I didn’t know where I was going. I opened the door…And I promise…[yo]u all. I felt her presence….she guided me through the church. As mass was happening, I heard her say…saying. Mijo…as she led me to her. When I seen her..I just cried. K kneeled before her and told her how much I loved her for giving my mom straight and hope for me to be before her to show my love. Strength. Faith and being so grateful for all she has done for me and my family. I have never cried…so much and felt so much comfort and love…at that moment. Mi Ama.(My Mother)’”



J.T. tells of seeing “the work ‘Love’ in the clouds when I was sad because my dear brother was near death’s door.”


S.N.  relates that “I was sitting on my front porch because I was sad and depressed about circumstances in my life. In the distance a white dove dropped out of the sky and flew toward my porch and flew by very close.”


J.O.  shares her experience of the Spirit of God:  “Yes!! I feel the Holy Spirit through energy and a tingling inside as well as when I am moved to tears. One of my spiritual gifts is mercy, so I wonder if the emotion and tears welling up in my eyes and heart are how the Holy Spirit often speaks to me and guides me.”


D.D. tells of what he is learning from the Holy Spirit: “ what the Holy Spirit has been teaching and showing me is …that a small child enjoys being with his/her parents as much as possible. When the child sees something he wants, the child does not hope the parent will get it for him or her, but actually expect[s] to receive it. Trusting as to whether or not the parent can provide the thing or having faith in the parent[‘s] willingness to prove the thing is not an option to even consider. The reason is because of the relationship the child has with his or her parents. Everyone who asks receives—Luke 11:10.


M.S. discerns His call: “I feel him! I hear him speaking to my heart! I feel his nudging. And there is a heavenly language I pray with. It is real! IT gives you strength to do his will and follow his direction. It helps me get through the hard times! We are never alone! We have the comfort of the Holy Spirit!”



N.K. is sure of her experience of the Holy Spirit: “I know the Spirit speaks to me. I had a breast biopsy. On the day I was to get the results, I awoke to a voice saying, ‘invasive ductal carcinoma.’ I prayed. I said ok God if this is correct, lead me and show me the way. At work my doctor called me. His voice said…it’s positive. I asked what was the diagnosis? He said, “Invasive Ductal. Since then I have been guided by His voice. This voice has guided me every step of the way in everything that I do. I’m blessed, and rely on this Holy Spirit in all I do and say. He is in my mind and heart telling me and showing me the way!”

P.W. shares one of her stories:  “One day I was shopping in a second hand clothing store and heard a store worker helping a woman find what she was looking for. The worker was trying to steer her away from certain things and I felt like it had something to do with finances. I suddenly got goose bumps and my heart told me I needed to pay for the womans stuff. I asked the worker privately if she thought this would make the patron mad and she said she didn’t think the patron would let me pay because she was buying Christmas gifts for all the children at the church. I waited until the patron was done shopping and was being checked out and quietly asked her if she would let me pay for her purchase. She looked at me shocked and started crying. She said she had bought for the kids every year but had had some health issues and money was a problem this year but she did not want to disappoint them. We talked and cried together and I gave her the rest of the money I had in my purse. I have no doubt the Holy Spirit put me in that store at that time. I only wish I had taken her name to follow up on her wellbeing. God is so good.”


Questions to ponder over the week: What experiences or stories of the Holy Spirit would I share? Do I even recognize His presence in my life? How and where and when? What do I need to do to open up more to the Spirit of God and what He is communicating to me? Do I hear his “gentle whisper,” “his still, small voice” in my mind? And what do I do with what He says to me?


Blessing for the week: May we be the people of God who can hear and see and sense the presence of the Holy Spirit in our hearts and minds, in our lives. May we follow His suggestions. May we be true to the Indwelling Spirit of God within and around us everywhere we go, in everything we do.


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