Soul Work

Jul 04, 2011

I am sitting on the back porch this morning listening to the “clicks” of the cicadas’ song rising and falling in a sort of communal slow rhythm and to my neighbor’s water-feature gurgling. I could breathe to the cicada’s rhythm, meditate to its rising and falling just like my breath, now the volume grows, now it falls.

There is a nice breeze this morning, too, blowing through the lowest plants up to the tree-tops. There’s a sense of freedom in the air today—freedom to relax because it’s a Monday holiday, this one celebrating freedom, but also the gift of a summer day calling us to be languid and indulgent. The genius of God in designing and creating this beautiful world is overwhelming.

I have written so much this year between my blog and the book on the kingdom, that this morning I find I have little to say. I have said all that is on my heart about God and getting closer to God/Jesus/Christ/Holy Spirit. I need to go deeper, to find more truth to live, to go to the well once again and draw up fresh inspiration. I want to dig deeper into the words, to find the poetry in the words and ideas, to connect the message of creation and love and Spirit on a larger canvas so to speak.

That is my prayer and intention—to bring forth from my soul a more nuanced and poetic expression of who I am and what I write. I hope that you will continue to journey with me.

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