Blessings and Grace

Feb 16, 2015

  I am sitting in a booth at Chuck E. Cheese while my grandsons play games and rack up coupons. It’s noisy just like it used to be when I took my sons to another one in California 30 years ago. I am thinking about the grace and blessings that I’ve experienced in my life, […]

How we get so off-track

Dec 22, 2014

We are born into this world a pretty complete package of personality, soul and spirit. We are created uniquely, each with certain talents and gifts and challenges, with an agenda, a potential, for our lives which is the province of the soul and the Indwelling Spirit to realize. And we are born into a human […]

God is Everywhere

Nov 03, 2014

The truth about our lives is so simple: we live every moment in the presence of God. God is present in every event, every plant/rock/person/animal. God is the interweaving of all life, the glue, if you will, that holds everything together, that connects all elements in the universe. God is the Creator of all and […]

The Way of Prayer

Sep 22, 2014

  The way of prayer is to be attendant on God in all that we do. This takes a deep listening for God’s “still, small voice” within, a back and forth with God about what we’re to do now and how we’re to do it. It’s a 24-hour a day attunement to the Divine.   […]

Effects of Transformation by the Holy Spirit

Aug 25, 2014

I write often that the Holy Spirit’s job is to transform us from the inside out, but what does that mean in someone’s life? This week I want to list some of the effects of the God’s transforming Spirit on us. I hope that you will offer up your own experiences of transformation in the […]

The Plateaus in Life

Aug 04, 2014

Watch out for the plateaus in life—they are the respite between the last lesson and the next one—but don’t get too comfortable, don’t give in to the desire to stay where you are. All life is growing towards the full blossoming of the self and then there is the decline towards old age and death. […]

“Come and See”

Jun 23, 2014

An article by Cindy Brandt[1] that I read a few weeks ago reminded me that when Jesus called his disciples, he said to them, “come and see.” He invited them to experience what he was offering. He held out a promise, a potential that they could taste and feel. And, obviously, when they did “come […]

Trust in God

May 05, 2013

       If we spend our days in worry and driven by anxiety, if we are constantly trying to control our life’s circumstances, if we feel free to live our lives as we wish without a thought for how it impacts others, especially those closest to us, if we are living out the cultural […]

“Help! Thanks! Wow!”

Mar 11, 2013

Recent snapshots that delight: four turkeys waddling up the road, then turning right and sauntering out of view; a pair of bluebirds at my feeder—a first this year;  Identifying a warbler high in a tree through binoculars; standing on the berm near the cabin with a glass of wine in my hands watching the 45 […]

The Way of Gratitude

Dec 10, 2012

Called to gratitude… Called to recognize the Divine in everything… Called to the depths and heights… Called to love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, hospitality to all… Called by you, Lord, to be present in this moment … Called to serve… Called to give abundantly as we’ve been given to… Called by our very nature to be […]