Living Deeply into our Lives

Mar 14, 2011

I don’t need to tell you that our lives today are crazy with busyness: we have to-do lists that are endless and jobs that we carry with us through pda’s and i-pads on the weekends and even on vacations. Even stay-at-home parents feel pressured into taking on more and more activities for their kids, so […]

Summer Came Early

Jun 28, 2010

Summer came early in Charlotte this year; well before the solstice the heat soared into the 90’s with humidity to match. Now we’ve endured a two-week long heat wave with no relief, not even from the frequent thunder showers that were predicted in the area, but failed to materialize. As each day heats up, the […]

Life of the Spirit: Keeping the “Instrument” Clear

Mar 08, 2010

Our bodies speak! Did you know that? Sometimes the body sends up a twinge, speaking softly, other times there is a huge signal like a heart attack, and in between there is every strength of signal. If you pay attention to its signals, there is wisdom in your body that will help you in your […]

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Apr 02, 2008

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