Diving in

Feb 27, 2012

How do you get into the water? Dive in? Wade in until you’re ready to get all wet and then plunge? Stand at the edge and let the water lap up to your ankles? There are many different ways to test the waters. The issue with water is do you actually get in and swim? […]

Dryness and Juiciness

May 17, 2010

Charlotte has had a particularly dry year this winter and spring, although no one is saying the “d” word yet. I moved here from Northern California where two particularly bad droughts have imprinted on me a need to keep track of rainfall, mostly on the subconscious level. The droughts I lived through there required us […]


Apr 02, 2009

Animals are reminders of the kingdom, of all of creation.

Meditation: By the Waters

Apr 02, 2009

We are transformed by the living waters of Jesus