The Mind of God

Oct 03, 2011

Think of a cosmic switchboard or a universal WiFi connection. Is this what the mind of God is like? I believe that all of creation is contained somehow in the mind of God. And within that mind travels all the information about our needs and desires and struggles and pain and created selves. God knows everything about us. How else could that be?  I’ve concluded this from some musings about how we “know” the things we intuit about others.

How could I know that my friend E_____ needs a call from me? How can two of us be thinking about each other at the same time when we are 2500 miles away, only to find out when one of us picks up the phone? How did I know last month when to stop sending the daily emails to K____? For a month I sent them—she really needed a healing presence– but then one day I realized that I had stopped sending them three days earlier. How did I know that she was feeling better without hearing from her?

How does it work when we meet certain people, that there is something more than a friendship at work? Some people “know” that the person they have just met is the one “I am going to marry” or that this woman and I are going to be great friends. All at the first sight of that person. If these are all intuitions, how does intuition work? How do I get the ideas I write about when I do not research or try to think up the next blog’s theme. I am not psychic, but I do hear messages from God all the time, because I have opened myself up to the Divine voice.

God is he connector of all life and therefore the designated transmitter of all information and caring about life. How do our passions get triggered and our desires met? How do we sense that someone needs us? How else do we get just the right information at the right time?  Why are we so insistent that this person see this movie or read that book? Isn’t the mind of God a subtle system of connection throughout the universe that we can tap into if we are open to it?

I am still struck by the cosmologists’ contention(which I first heard five years ago) that we understand and know what 4% of the universe is all about. That 4% is all we know about the planets, stars, asteroids, galaxies, etc. The other 96% they call “dark matter.” They know that it exists, but have only begun to ponder it. I feel the same way about God—that I know and understand maybe 4% of what God is from reading the Bible, observing Nature and experiencing the Divine in my life.

The rest is unknowable. Like today’s question, how do we “know” things? The fact is we don’t know how we know.  And we only know a little about God. Who knows how God has woven the universe together? How do these messages, “aha” moments and other inspirations come to be? I suspect, propose and otherwise endorse an unseen grid of dynamism(God) that directs our thoughts to become manifest. They are not rare occurrences; they are the woof and warp in the tapestries of our lives, if we pay attention to them.

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