Living Out Our Commitment to God

Sep 18, 2023


It is not enough to believe in the Trinity, to follow the beliefs of your church, and to not live out your beliefs in every aspect of your life.  We must, over time, turn our intentions, our actions, our beliefs, and all of our relationships to Christ, so that He will be able to lead us to the life that He designed for us, that will express who we are at the deepest levels of our being, and that will fulfill us with a purpose tailored for each of us. Then, we will truly be faithful to God and living the life that He desires for us. This is also the fulfillment of His love in us, for us, and with us.


Saying, “Yes!” to Jesus Christ will launch us down the path that we need to walk so that we can be all that God desires us to be in this world, a true carrier of the faith that is meant for all human beings, all of whom were made in God’s image (Genesis 1:26-27), but not of this world. This path is the way to our true home on this earth, the kingdom of God here. All the saints of the church, known or unknown, in the past and in the present have lived in God’s kingdom here on earth, expressing God’s love throughout their lives as best they could, living the life that was individually designed for each of them. May we join their ranks in the kingdom, loving God with all of who we are.


Once we’ve said “Yes!” to Jesus, the path will become clear step by step. Each step will mean that we have to release something that comes between us and God, part of our ego-centricity or of the grip that the world has on us. As we go step-by-step, over time we will feel lighter and lighter. What first seemed like the wilderness of Exodus, where we had no idea of what would be asked of us or what we were to do to exist in this “land,” soon becomes a place of growth and recognition of all the help we are receiving along the way. That the Holy Spirit is with us every step of the way becomes clear, and we begin to feel the rising of the fruit of the Spirit(Galatians 5:22-23) in our being. This happens as we have surrendered quite a bit of what stands between us and God. Then there is room in us to live our lives more and more in His presence, doing His work in ourselves and, slowly but surely, in others as well.


We are each to be messengers of God’s kind of love in this world. And, as He reveals our purpose to us, we will see that it is through that purpose, that design of our lives, that we are to share God’s love with everyone we meet. The most surprising thing that we realize later on is that our lives are not to be about just us, but we are to be servants of God carrying on His work in our lives, giving out His love and forgiveness to others through the purpose assigned to each of us. The amazing thing is that we feel such fulfillment and love and forgiveness for ourselves that all we want to do is to pass it on so that others will experience god’s love in their lives as well.

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