Every Day is Holy

Apr 14, 2014

Recently I received an interfaith calendar of holy days for April from the hospital chaplaincy board I was apart of in Charlotte. It started me thinking that maybe everyday is a holy day in some religion. And then by extension, what if we considered everyday, a holy day? Not just the Sabbath. And every step we took, a holy step? What if we really saw the true importance(without inflating who we are) of what we do in this, God’s kingdom? How would that change who we are and what we do?

The context in which we think and live our days matters. What we do matters, especially if we know that God needs us right here, right now to be love, to be doing what we were created to do. Purpose, meaningful purpose, is at the root of all we do for God. It matters if we are present to this person. It counts if we are giving out God’s love as freely as it is offered to us. I, the I that I was created to be–the soul’s I, not the egoic i– is essential to God. Why else would he watch for our return, run out to greet us, throw a celebration when one son (or daughter) has returned to him(The Parable of the Prodigal Son). He awaits each one of us and then partners with us to bring in the kingdom, if we’re willing to go all the way with him.

In all humility we are important, not more important than another person, but important in bringing in the kingdom—using our God-given talents and gifts in God’s service. So, if you’re used to putting yourself down, diminishing your gifts, STOP RIGHT NOW! If you’re not sure that God loves you exactly as you are, GIVE IT UP! Jesus’ teachings apply to everyone, including you. If you’re a believer and have never taken the next step into living your purpose, DO IT NOW! Find out what God wants for you to do and be in this life.

Marianne Williamson writes that we are most frightened of being what God needs in this world, of being who we were created to be. Here’s how she puts it: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.”[1]We’re used to thinking small about ourselves and not seeing our true worth. We cling to our inadequacy in order to avoid stepping into our God-given life.

Well, GET OVER IT! Get over yourself! Get real! Do what you can, but do it with God. He will provide all the strength and support, the training and knowledge, the words to say, the things to do. Just show up and follow his lead.  It’s that simple. Who else is going to be love in this world? Who else can testify–not in words–but by living the life that God wants us to have? It’s not rich in money like our culture offers, but there is no richness like joy and love and peace and integrity, purpose and meaning, and other gifts of the Spirit. And these are gifts, fruits, not to be bought by doing anything other than our faithful partnering with God in our lives.

I just saw “We bought a Zoo” this weekend with my family. One point is repeatedly made in the movie which stars Matt Damon: it just takes 20 seconds of courage to tell someone who doesn’t know that you love them. Only 20 seconds of courage! Apply that 20 seconds of courage to following God’s “still, small voice within” and that will be the first step of many on the adventurous trail of following God where he would lead you. Only 20 seconds of courage!  Go for it! Live the life that God imagined for you at your birth.


[1] at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/m/marianne_williamson.html#lHaiA246aHy5QgiQ.99

Questions to ponder through the week: Is my life and what I do with it sacred to me? What is God pulling me towards? What yearnings am I experiencing in my soul? Am I listening? Am I acting on what I hear?


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