God Has a Sense of Humor

Nov 08, 2010

I am on vacation this week so no blog, but I thought I’d post a story on myself that demonstrates God’s sense of humor.  A few weeks ago I set an intention[my life is a series of set intentions with the Lord] to taste more of the sweetness of life and less of sweets–candy, ice cream, desserts, etc.  Pretty soon I was experiencing the worst sugar cravings I’ve ever had:  Chik-fil-a’s milkshakes,  cookies, Halloween candy only seemed to fuel the craving.  I was seriously concerned about what I was eating!  Last night was Halloween and I awoke this morning with the urge to throw out the leftover candy. So I did. And I’ve had no sugar cravings all day!  I think that all that sugar was a last gasp of my sweet tooth.
I’ll be posting my blog again on 11/15 as usual.  Pat

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