How to read my blog while I am on a 30-day retreat

Jun 23, 2013

I will be leaving this afternoon for a long retreat, returning at the end of July. I will not be posting my blog on my website during that time, but you can read it on Facebook at By the Waters. There you will find that I break the essay into five pieces and post one each day, Monday thru Friday. Friday’s is always about a chance to ponder some comments or questions based on the previous four days’ writings. I have run into technical difficulties posting ahead on wordpress, so I hope you will find me on Facebook. Here’s a run-down of topics for the last week in June through the end of July: the week of 6/24: Embrace your shadow; 7/1 We’re in a birth canal; 7/8: I don’t care what you believe; 7/15: Movement of the Holy Spirit; 7/22: Awareness of God is the key; 7/28 The Culture vs. the Kingdom. I hope that you have a summer full of blessings and full of God’s presence.   Pat

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