This I know for sure!

Oct 10, 2011

This I know for sure about the rule/reign/kingdom of God: we are in it, under it—always. God is working in our lives—always. We are connected to God—always. Through God we are connected to all people and all life—always. God loves us—always. God forgives us–always. God welcomes us back—always.

And we have little awareness of these facts. We know these truths in our souls, in the deepest reaches of our beings. It is up to us to bring this knowledge up from our depths, to inform our conscious minds of these eternal truths, to let this knowledge influence our every action and how we think. Lack of awareness is the only thing that separates us from God and allows us to live as if God is not important to us.

As soon as we start to look for the footprint of God in our lives, we begin to discover what has been true all along: that we are God’s children and that our Creator/Parent has been at work in our lives—loving and supporting and sustaining and forgiving us since our beginning. The only thing we have to do is this: WAKE UP to what is already true!

To whatever degree we have been asleep to this truth is the degree that we have to overcome to realize the true nature of our relationship to the Divine One. Deep inside us lies this truth. We need to be deep sea divers, exploring the ocean depths, seeing what has not been seen before. Strengthen your faith and trust and determination. It is worth the journey: along the way to God’s primary place in our lives we gain our own true selves.

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