Beliefs and the Way

Dec 31, 2012

Start with believing in God/Christ/Holy Spirit, but beliefs are only an invitation to us into a life lived in the presence of God. They do not, by themselves, take us anywhere closer to God/Jesus/Christ/Spirit. But… if you want to live in God’s presence, feel God’s love, realize the promise of your own creation, be sure […]

Called to Recognize the Divine in Everything

Dec 24, 2012

       Born in a manger… in a stable …with parents of low station…first visited by the shepherds. Jesus had an unremarkable birth, hardly worth mentioning, until the Wise Men traveled from far away in the East to see what the glowing star heralded.  Our attention is now piqued, even Herod wanted to capture the child […]

If God is love, then…

Dec 17, 2012

Here is what Paul in 1 John 4 declares: “let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”[NIV] We become more and more loving as we move closer to God, because […]

The Way of Gratitude

Dec 10, 2012

Called to gratitude… Called to recognize the Divine in everything… Called to the depths and heights… Called to love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, hospitality to all… Called by you, Lord, to be present in this moment … Called to serve… Called to give abundantly as we’ve been given to… Called by our very nature to be […]

Calling God by Name

Dec 03, 2012

       I am aware that I am not sure how to address God in my writing, whether God or Christ or Jesus or the Holy Spirit would be the preferred name, whether He or She is the proper way to address God or what the preferences of my readers in naming God are. You might […]

The Mind of God

Nov 26, 2012

Over the last year or so I have begun to think that God is the container for all creation; that everything exists in the Mind of God which created this entire, interrelated universe and continues to create.  What do I mean by mind? To me there is an intelligence that plotted out the infinite variety […]


Nov 19, 2012

Surely…[I am stunned at the thought of surely]. Surely goodness, surely mercy, The rest of my life. Wow! Surely…the psalmist trusts God and the promises, covenants, commandments, blessings, grace, love, Word.   Surely…something to count on, Something to bet one’s life on. Are there other surely’s? Death and taxes? Surely love out- weighs them, makes […]


Nov 12, 2012

         The practices I have been writing about over the last two weeks– the ones that draw us into communion with God and those that lead us into a deeper acceptance of the totality of who we are–lead us to integration, into wholeness through healing our brokenness(the Spirit’s job)and through our surrender(our job) to the […]

The Capacity to Love as God Loves

Nov 05, 2012

       This week I am writing about love from the point of view that the spiritual life consists of developing the capacity to love as God loves and to have integrity. (Next week’s blog will be about integrity.) God is love. How we define love—our own capacity as humans to love–is a very watered down […]

Hearing and Heeding God

Oct 29, 2012

If the goal of the spiritual journey, as I wrote last week, is to know and to heed God’s voice within, then the journey will consist of doing those things which help us to know God so well that we always follow his inspiration for us. I have come to think of the spiritual journey […]