Being Present

Jan 30, 2023

1.30.23   As followers of Jesus Christ, we walk along the path He has chosen for us, we see issues coming to our attention for us let go of. These issues are the things in us that keep us from seeing and agreeing to what God wants for us. They are the things that have […]

Being in the Presence of God Leads to Being Present to Others

Jan 23, 2023

1.23.23   To follow Jesus Christ means that we become good at sitting/being in the presence of God,  listening for His wisdom, and doing what He suggests to us. As we are able to sit in His presence, there is a definite spillover effect into the rest of our lives: we learn how to be […]

Three Practices That Help Us Deepen Our Lives in Christ

Jan 16, 2023

Lectio Divina, an Ignatian practice Lectio Divina is a way of reading shorter passages in the Bible, say three or four verses, aloud all the while paying attention to any word or phrase that stands out for you. Read the passage three times slowly, listening for any word or phrase that stands out for you. […]

Are We Living in the World or in the Kingdom of God

Jan 16, 2023

              How am I, how are we, to know that we’re living in God’s kingdom, but not in this world? Here are some ways to recognize where we are spending our time. First, do you have a spiritual practice that you do daily for more than 30 minutes? Does it include any quiet time, […]

As God Heals Us…

Jan 09, 2023

1.9.23   A conversation over lunch with a friend one day reminded me that we never really get over ourselves totally even as we commit our lives to the Lord. As we offer ourselves and each sin we have committed, the challenges we have faced, and the hopes we have for ourselves and others up […]

Metaphors Teach Us So Much

Jan 02, 2023

1.2.23  Metaphors teach us so much   The Bible is full of metaphors from Canaan as the Promised Land, that is, the kingdom of God on earth, to Jesus’s death on the cross and His resurrection as a promise of new life for us after every big or small “death” we go through in this […]