Challenges Along The Way

Dec 27, 2016

4th Step to Loving God

Dec 26, 2016

Over the last three weeks I have been writing about Jesus’ command to love God with all of ourselves—heart, soul, mind and strength. This is Part IV of that series. If we are to love God with all that we are, the last step is that we have to be honest about who we are, […]

3rd Step in Loving God: Surrender

Dec 19, 2016

In the last two weeks I have written about the first two steps in loving God with all of ourselves, 1- giving up our own very negative self-image and 2- exchanging our anxiety and fear for a deep trust in God for taking care of everything for us and listening for God’s wisdom in everything. […]

2nd Step to Loving God: Trust and Listen

Dec 12, 2016

The second step to loving God with all of ourselves has two parts. 1st we have to greatly reduce the anxiety and fear in our lives by actively trusting God, making a decision every time fear arises to just trust that God has our back and that he is working out the best thing for […]

1st Step in Loving God with all of Ourselves

Dec 05, 2016

During December all four posts will be on the topic of Loving God with all of ourselves. To love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, is Jesus’ first great Commandment. The Second is to love our neighbor as ourselves. These two commandments sum up all the law and the prophets. [Matthew 22:36-40, […]

What is with the Church?

Nov 28, 2016

The one reaction I have to contemporary Christianity over and over again is this: where is the closeness to God? Where are the people who have an intimate relationship with God like Jesus did? He called God, Abba or Daddy! He regularly spent time alone with God. God’s laws were written on his heart. He […]

Redemption in Suffering

Nov 21, 2016

  The time between the mother’s diagnosis of cancer and her death was just about a year, a year that Alyssa Monks, an artist, spent in taking care of her mother. And this is what she learned from this experience: “We’re all going to have big losses in our lives…They bring us to our knees…So […]

The Central Issue in Christianity Today

Nov 17, 2016

St. Teresa’s Garden Metaphor For Prayer

Nov 14, 2016

Years ago as I was still struggling to understand and to let go the hell-fire-and-damnation god of my childhood, I was led to read a number of the writings of the saints of the church from Julian of Norwich to John of the Cross to Catherine of Siena, but my real favorite was Teresa of […]

The Iceberg

Nov 07, 2016

One-seventh of an iceberg is visible above the water surface after it breaks off or calves from a glacier and plunges into the northern seas. There it slowly drifts southward into warmer waters than the arctic ones it first encountered. Gradually, as the waters warm the iceberg melts and releases up to 5,000 years of […]