God the Director

Dec 27, 2010

Last week I wrote about God being the director and us,  the actors on the stage of life.  I was not talking about God the puppeteer and us the puppets. The relationship between us and God when we have surrendered our lives  is like how the director and actors work together  in a stage play: […]

Disappointment in God

Dec 20, 2010

If I print my blog on pretty paper or wrap it up like a Christmas present with a beautiful bow, will I disguise this truth about modern people and God?  Or maybe I should just whisper it: we are pretty disappointed in God.  Oh, nobody much talks about this, but I believe this disappointment is […]

The Preciousness of Life

Dec 13, 2010

I have never seen a chickadee drag himself to the bird feeder, reluctant to take a kernel or two.  I have never seen a cardinal fly listlessly from tree to tree. Or a junko not hop from place to place on the ground. Or a wren not look cute and perky. Or a nuthatch not […]


Dec 08, 2010

I sometimes think it’s a miracle that I am back in the church, given the church in which I was raised and how far from it I wandered. While I grew from a toddler to a young teen my family belonged to a southern Presbyterian church in Louisville, Kentucky. Every Sunday for those eleven years […]

Consolation and Desolation

Nov 29, 2010

When we talk about loving God, being human means that we are never totally, 100% in the relationship. We dance close to the Father or to Christ and we pull away. Again and again we dance closer and we pull away. From our point of view we either experience God as being close to us […]

“Voice” Revisited

Nov 22, 2010

I wish I had a concordance for my own writing. So many times I would like to be able to look up a word and see what I’ve written about it previously. I am making a small step towards that end by organizing and renaming the blog files by topic. By doing this I have […]

Celebrating Life

Nov 15, 2010

It’s a subtle environment for the most part in the Savannah River Preserve. Oh, it has some obvious residents in the water fowl and the alligators that navigate the waters of the small lakes and the vultures that circle overhead. But, as a friend and I last week walked the levees that separate the lake […]

God Has a Sense of Humor

Nov 08, 2010

I am on vacation this week so no blog, but I thought I’d post a story on myself that demonstrates God’s sense of humor.  A few weeks ago I set an intention[my life is a series of set intentions with the Lord] to taste more of the sweetness of life and less of sweets–candy, ice […]

Exodus, Part II

Nov 01, 2010

Continuing last week’s topic, Exodus being our story as well as part of the history of the Hebrews, I am writing this week about three ways I’ve been held captive in “Egypt” by powerful early influences in my life. The first and probably deepest capture of my mind started before my 2nd birthday when my […]

Exodus Is Our Story, Too.

Oct 25, 2010

The Old Testament can be read as a history of the Jewish people and as a great description of human behavior on a metaphoric level. Take the Exodus story. Metaphorically, Egypt represents any place, culture or thought process that holds us captive and doesn’t allow us the freedom to let in new kinds of thinking […]