Why I write this blog…

Sep 24, 2018

I thought my readers might like to know how I came to be writing this blog and the books I’ve written. So here goes. I started writing before I knew why I was writing, before I had a glimpse of the future. I am so used to just following all the suggestions that God makes […]


Jul 13, 2015

In the dream I am talking to a favorite minister of mine: “Your job is to inspire the congregation; mine is to connect the dots.” And there in my dream God showed me my purpose. For me connecting the dots means translating Jesus’ sayings in the Bible into living a life dedicated to him in […]

Our Purpose

Dec 29, 2014

If you have sat in church and said the Lord’s Prayer every Sunday and not felt compelled to be a part of those who would usher in the Kingdom here on earth, if you think it is up to God, Christ and the Holy Spirit, then I think you are sadly mistaken. Aren’t we Christ’s […]

The Purpose of our Lives

Oct 28, 2013

As I look at how we Americans live in the 21st century, I am not sure that we have any idea of why we are here, what our lives are to be, of who we are to become in the larger sense. We seem to live in two worlds, our own selves and in the […]

Paying Attention

Jun 13, 2011

A friend or relative’s name comes to mind. When you call you find out that they needed to talk to you right then. Someone is almost annoyingly insistent that you read this book or see that movie. You feel that you should take a different route home without knowing why. Words drop into your mind […]


Sep 27, 2010

If our journeys are mythic, as I proposed last week, then our lives loom larger than we realize. Implicit in our creation is the contribution that we are to make to all of life, if we will live our life fully and express our voice in the world. Just being a visitor in life is […]

The Call

Dec 12, 2009

Listening for the Lord’s call in your life will certainly enrich it.

Meditation: Realizing

Sep 19, 2009

This is a guided meditation that you can do yourself to direct your inner attention to what needs to be realized within you.


Sep 15, 2009

The fulfillment of what we were created to be.

How does Christ call you?

Apr 02, 2009

Sitting in silence regularly allows us to hear Christ calling us in all things.