10.30.23 Followers, Disciples, Apostles

Oct 30, 2023

Jesus calls us to follow Him just as He called the disciples at the beginning of His ministry. We are to follow, to accompany Him wherever He would lead us. We would be His students, doing all that He asks of us, learning all we can from the Master Teacher as to how we are […]

Reading the Bible As a Guide For Our Lives

Oct 02, 2023

10.2.23   Yes, the Bible was written thousands of years ago to the Jews and later to the Gentiles who were converting to Christianity, but the Bible is also full of stories and parables that are relevant to each of us in the 21st century: how we are to live as we follow Jesus and […]

The Changes In Us Add Up As We Follow Jesus

Jun 12, 2023

6.12.23   As we follow Jesus, we will begin to see and feel the changes that He offers us as He heals each issue that stands between us and God that we lift up to Him in prayer. Step by step, issue by issue, the freedom from the world’s ways that He offers us begin […]

Hearing and Seeing

Sep 05, 2022

9.5.22              Seeing and Hearing   There is so much for us to learn as we follow Jesus into the life that God designed for each of us. There is so much for us to give up: our ego’s preoccupations, our agendas and desires, and our culture’s standards, so that, over time, we will be able […]

The Challenges of Following Jesus

Dec 20, 2021

  As we approach the day we celebrate Jesus’s birth, all of us who would follow Jesus might well acknowledge our very human nature: 1) the walls we’ve built to protect us that also keep God at some distance, 2) our own egocentricity that won’t allow us to trust Him completely, and 3) the habits […]

How Do We Live As Disciples of Christ?

Nov 15, 2021

  Last week I wrote about living in the truth instead of the narrative: the narrative is the story that we have been taught by our culture, our parents, and through our own experience—it is what we want to have happen in our lives. And now this week, I turn to what happens in our […]

Following Jesus, A Lifelong Journey

Jun 28, 2021

Following Jesus is a life-long journey that takes us to the fullness of who we were created to be, free of our ties to the world, free of the dominion of our minds and egos, free of the control of our lives, free to follow Jesus wherever He would lead us. It takes our willingness, […]


Nov 16, 2020

You might ask, “where do you get your ideas for these blog posts?” And here is my latest experience: last Sunday our Adult Sunday School Class was led by our minister, Rev. John Cleghorn, who at one point said, “You know, disciple means learner.” That definition stayed with me all day Sunday and that’s how […]


Sep 21, 2020

The third stage of the journey in Christ has to do with His followers becoming disciples. To review what I wrote last week: in the first stage of the journey believers profess their faith in Jesus Christ, but may not realize all that Christ calls us to do in their lives. During the second stage […]

From Believer to Follower

Sep 14, 2020

When I think of this journey with Christ, I think of it having three stages:1-Believing in Christ, 2-Following Christ and 3-Discipleship.   Believing in Christ, the 1st stage, is where we have to really work at being obedient in following the 10 Commandments in what we say and do. This stage is more ego-and-mind-driven, as […]