Dec 12, 2011

An iceberg calves from the great glaciers of Greenland. That chunk breaks off from the glacier, and plops into the North Atlantic Ocean where it may last for over a year depending on whether the currents take it north or west or south. The iceberg brings with its frozen self some 5,000 years of debris […]

Whistles and Chimes

Dec 05, 2011

Inside my house I can only hear the train whistle(from across town) or the church bells(from a ½ mile away) in the wee or early hours of the morning. I live pretty close to uptown Charlotte NC, but unless the traffic noise is nonexistent, I can’t hear these signals. The train whistle calls me to […]

A Dream of Acrobats

Nov 28, 2011

Practice. Persistence. Dependency. Joy. Acrobats illustrate so well the life of the Spirit, the life lived in, with and for God. It takes tons of practice to make sure that all the elements are there to keep each one safe and that each acrobat is in the right place at the right time catching, releasing, […]

Living a Surrendered Life

Nov 21, 2011

       What potential lies within us, untapped and untried? What dreams lie unrealized? What do we not know about ourselves? I suspect that the unknown potential within us would speak volumes about us if we let it speak. How can we live our lives so that we begin to bring forward to consciousness the untapped […]

There is only one story

Nov 14, 2011

“For God so loved the world…” is the theme of the whole Bible. This truth is evident in the creation story, in the lives of Abraham and Sarah, in the Exodus, throughout the history of the Hebrews/Jews, in the life and teachings of Jesus, and in the Epistles. GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD. There is […]

I am on vacatio…

Nov 07, 2011

I am on vacation this week, back next Monday. Many Blessings, Pat


Oct 31, 2011

Gratitude may be the simplest of the spiritual disciplines, but I believe it to be the most powerful, because its practice brings one to the feet of God so much faster and surer than any Bible study, meditation, contemplation, journaling or other prayer practice. The simple act of writing down every night for fifteen straight […]

Let Your Life Speak

Oct 24, 2011

Today we stand on the shoulders of all the saints of the church, those who have dedicated their lives to the love of God. Over the years I have read and learned from Catherine of Siena, Hildegard of Bingen, Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, and Protestant saints starting with Luther. Recently my attention […]

Our Identity in God

Oct 17, 2011

A small bird lands on a branch of a bush without disturbing the branch. A small bird weighs almost nothing. That’s how light a burden our possessions, our work, our friends, our loved ones should feel to us. Everything that we “own” are gifts for the journey through our life here on earth. We have […]

This I know for sure!

Oct 10, 2011

This I know for sure about the rule/reign/kingdom of God: we are in it, under it—always. God is working in our lives—always. We are connected to God—always. Through God we are connected to all people and all life—always. God loves us—always. God forgives us–always. God welcomes us back—always. And we have little awareness of these […]