Slavery to the World

Mar 27, 2023

3.27.23   Slavery to the World   We think of slavery as the chattel slavery experienced by the African slaves in our history. But, really, we are all enslaved to different degrees to what we absorbed from our culture as we were growing up, to what we absorbed of the teachings of our families, and to […]

Living in the Present Moment

Mar 20, 2023

3.20.23   We are so easily distracted by our own agendas, our judgments and biases, our chattering minds, that we are seldom fully present to anyone we are with or anything that is happening. So often, because of our inattention, we are only hearing some of what is being said by the person we are […]

Beware the Narrative

Mar 13, 2023

3.13.23   The narrative is the story we’ve grown up with, the stories in our culture, the stories in our families, and our own take on what has happened to us. The narrative is what we look for to be affirmed in the world as we want our lives to be. We are wholly dependent […]

The Purpose of Our Lives

Mar 13, 2023

I am writing about my journey today to finding out my purpose in life for the express purpose of asking you to do the same. What challenges have you been through in your life? Have they been healed and repurposed in your life? There is a purpose in all that we go through—it is to […]


Mar 06, 2023

3.6.23 Our definition of prayer these days is mostly confined to spoken/memorized prayers and petitions to God for ourselves and others. That’s a small container for what prayer can be: it is meant to be an ongoing dialogue with God about where we are and what we’re asking for in our lives and then listening […]