The Kingdom is like this…

Dec 30, 2013

Any time we are aware of God’s presence, we step into the kingdom, even if only for a few seconds. When we can forget our false self’s needs, we are there. Being fully present to another person will take us there. The beauty of a sunset can transport us to the kingdom, as can any […]

Saints and Sinners Both

Dec 23, 2013

The Potential to Live in the Kingdom

Dec 23, 2013

The potential to live in the kingdom, to be in the world but not of the world, lies within us all. It is part of our creation, implanted by God in our deep-soul selves, and is accessible to us if we will live the life of which Jesus speaks. Love is the chief currency of […]

The Kingdom Part II

Dec 16, 2013

         “Thy kingdom come!” Do we know what this proclamation means? What does the kingdom mean to us? Is it in some distant second coming? Or is it in the here and now? Jesus taught about the kingdom frequently. It seems to me that he came to teach us how to live, how to […]

The Kingdom

Dec 09, 2013

The kingdom is a state of heart and mind, not a place. It is embedded in the connective tissue of the universe which is Christ; it is love, as in God is love, that binds us all together. Whoever carries the kingdom in their heart and mind brings it wherever they go. The kingdom is […]

Connect The Dots

Dec 02, 2013

We have to connect the dots in order to see the gifts of this life and to continue growing in faith through our lives. We have to see the lines between God and love and me and you and every other creature and created thing. We need to see that what Jesus said is true […]

God is Love

Nov 25, 2013

Need I say, God is Love and anything that is love is in God. God is love in all kinds of ways that we take for granted. In creating this earth he provided everything that we would ever need to eat or to use in creating all kinds of unimaginable things. He created the interdependent, […]

Living in the Flow of Love

Nov 18, 2013

If we are to live in the flow of love, then we have to, first of all, allow love to flow into ourselves. I think the real message of the 2nd of the Two Great Commandments of Jesus, to love your neighbor as yourself, is this: it’s only to the extent that we can allow […]

Active vs. Spiritual

Nov 11, 2013

There are activist churches and spiritual churches, activist Christians and spiritual Christians, activist sometimes to the exclusion of the spiritual or spiritual to the exclusion of any action. I think we misunderstand faith when we specialize in one or the other. Faith is belief in action. Faith is a dynamic state which seeks to include, […]

Protected: Christianity is a challenging religion

Nov 04, 2013

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