Born Again

Dec 28, 2015

Our choices in life come down to this bottom line: will I continue to feed my ego or will I choose to uncover the deeper, truer self within me, the soul? It’s the world where the ego belongs vs. God where the soul belongs. We are hard-wired to rest with God and there find peace […]

Be Still and Know That I am God

Dec 21, 2015

“Be still and know that I am God.” That is a challenge in this busy, busy holiday season. But at all times there is a reason that we are asked in Psalm 46:10 to still ourselves, to quiet our minds, to simplify our lives: we cannot access the divine wisdom within us, the “still, small […]

Exodus Part I: Leaving Egypt

Dec 15, 2015

I am a slow learner

Dec 14, 2015

I am a slow learner. It’s taken me years to undo all that my family and the church(hell-fire-and-damnation) and the culture taught me about being in the world and about God. It’s complicated because I was formed by what I was taught about myself and the world and God and, also, how I took what […]

Pondering God

Dec 07, 2015

Life itself is such a miracle! And having a life here, being a part of this great planet is such a privilege! The beauty, the interconnec-tedness of all species, the incredible variety of plants and animals, rocks and minerals! What a gift life is! And what a God who created it all! Can you even […]

10,000 Surrenders

Nov 30, 2015

Once we have surrendered our lives to God, we enter onto a journey which I call the 10,000 Surrenders. It is a journey in which we are constantly having to offer our resistance up to God and as we do that, he is healing us of the fight within us. Every time our expectations of […]

Unshakable Faith

Nov 23, 2015

In December of 2001 my husband’s lymphoma returned with a vengeance, just three short months after his oncologist had declared his CT-scan cancer-free. I think that Hank already knew what the oncologist was affirming; he had been able to sense the changes in his body. As for me I was in complete denial. Hank was […]

Love God with all of Yourself

Nov 16, 2015

“The command to love God is first not simply because it’s most important but because it’s the only commandment. God is One; God is the only one; God is all. How we do anything is how we love God. How we love a neighbor, love a stranger, love an enemy, this is our love of […]

What We Pray For

Nov 09, 2015

If we believe the Gospels, so much of what we pray for has been already given to us; still we continue to pray for God’s promised love and forgiveness. Why do we do that? Do we not trust the record that God has left for us? Here are a few examples of his promises to […]

Accept. Forgive. Embrace.

Nov 02, 2015

When Jesus says we are to love God with all of ourselves and to love our neighbors as ourselves[Mark 12: 28-31], he is showing us the way. And when he says we are to forgive another 70 times [Matthew 18:22], he is telling us to forgive always, that there should be no limit to our […]