Surrender, Part II

Apr 25, 2022

Our ability to surrender to what God has put in our lives comes from our trust in God and in His ways, in His love for and forgiveness of all that we are. How much we trust God, in His answers to our prayers, in how He is guiding our lives, in what He allows […]


Apr 18, 2022

Now that we have fully celebrated the life and death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, we can again take stock of where we stand in following the Two Great Commandments of Jesus. Are we loving God with all of ourselves? We’re human after all; maybe the better questions are these: am I loving […]

How do we know that we are following Jesus?

Apr 15, 2022

4.15.22            How do I know that we are following Jesus?   To follow Jesus is a lifelong, ever-deepening task from the moment we give our lives over to loving Him with all of ourselves. To believe in Jesus and everything that the Bible says about Him is the first step on this long journey. From […]

Answers to Prayers

Apr 11, 2022

If we are praying for sick people, for problems to be eliminated in our lives, for something to change to the way we like it, for our kids to follow our suggestions after they leave home, we can often be disappointed in the responses to our prayers. God doesn’t think like we do or answer […]


Apr 04, 2022

  Prayer is so much more than saying the Lord’s prayer or petitioning for our own, our family and friends’ health or other issues. Not that these aren’t important, even vital for us. But the broadest definition of prayer is, I believe, spending time in the presence of God. That is, sitting in silence in […]