True Humility

Jul 25, 2022

The greatest change in our lives as we follow Jesus is in developing true humility. As we give up the issues that consume us and the values the world insists that we live by, we find that the focus of our lives goes from total self-absorption to being God-oriented and other-oriented. As we follow what […]

How we live our lives

Jul 22, 2022

How we live our lives says a lot about what’s important to us. If we bookend the day with prayers and devotions, we are saying that God is very important in our lives. If we look for His presence throughout our days and what He is saying to us, then we are actively seeking Jesus […]

Vulnerabilities and Challenges

Jul 18, 2022

In this country any of our vulnerabilities are hidden, definitely not shared. We definitely wouldn’t want to appear lacking in any way. Any money problems would not be shared. Nor marital problems. We need to be seen in charge of everything in our lives, competent, directed towards a material goal. But hiding all our problems […]

To Believe in God or to Follow Him?

Jul 10, 2022

  Many Christians are content with believing in God and Jesus Christ, but they do not want to become followers of Jesus who would change their lives. They ignore Jesus’s call to follow Him (Matthew 16:24, John 12:26) and all the ways the Bible tries to engage us in living the Word. They live in […]

Giving up our own agendas in favor of God’s

Jul 04, 2022

7.4.22   Are you willing to follow Jesus and seek a deeper relationship with God? Are you willing to give up what you want for what God wants for you? Do you realize that what you want is so conditioned by the culture and the world that it has nothing to do with who you […]