Heart, Soul, Body, and Mind Working Together

Sep 26, 2022

26.22 Our bodies, and hearts, and minds, and souls are all connected amazingly into an interdependent system just like the interconnectedness of all the plants and animals, waters, sun, and sky are all interconnected on this planet earth. Within ourselves, if we are really aware of what is going on in our bodies as well […]

The Body of Christ is Unity in Diversity

Mar 07, 2016

Pride in our church’s beliefs, putting others down because they don’t have the right beliefs, preaching at others’ sins without acknowledging our own and without getting to know who the person really is—these are very human ways of calling attention to ourselves and taking it away from others. They are ego-based actions which elevate us—that […]

The True Church and the Kingdom of God

Sep 01, 2014

I belong to the whole church of Jesus Christ, the body of Christ, as Paul put it, in which every part of the body, every organ, vessel and nerve is an essential part of the whole. In fact the whole church of Jesus Christ cannot function if each part is not cooperating with every other […]

Life of the Spirit: Keeping the “Instrument” Clear

Mar 08, 2010

Our bodies speak! Did you know that? Sometimes the body sends up a twinge, speaking softly, other times there is a huge signal like a heart attack, and in between there is every strength of signal. If you pay attention to its signals, there is wisdom in your body that will help you in your […]