The Lord’s Prayer: Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Sep 27, 2021

  Our Father, give us this day our daily bread. Feed us. Nourish us. Provide what we need for sustenance every day. Our bodies and brains can’t exist long without the nourishment they need. So, this part of the Lord’s Prayer is our asking for what we need today, this day, so that we can […]

“As the deer pants for streams by the living water…”

Apr 23, 2018

“As the deer pants for streams of living water, so my soul pants for you, my God.” [Psalm 42] Your presence is an essential to my life, your guidance what I live by, your healing and transformation my joy, your insights into loving you carry me, your inspiration that I depend upon for my blog […]

We can’t have it both ways!

Sep 18, 2017

We can’t have it both ways, if we’re being true to our love of God. We can’t do things one way and think and feel the other way.  If we are only ”nice” and “good” and “kind” on the outside, our inner state will belie what we do. We all read the inner energies of […]

Talents, Lessons Learned, Gifts

Jul 17, 2017

There are three aspects of ourselves that we bring to serving God: our talents, the lessons we have learned from the pain and suffering we’ve endured here on earth and the spiritual gifts that we have been given. Our talents and strengths, like abilities for organizing or teaching or leading or managing or creating or […]

The 23rd Psalm

Oct 03, 2016

  When I finally claim that The Lord is my shepherd Then he takes my hand and… He makes me lie down in green pastures             He leads me beside quiet waters             He refreshes my soul. And He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.   […]

How God reveals to us what we need to hear

Jun 08, 2015

In strange and wonderful ways God reveals to us what we need to learn. Recently I have been attending a new church. In order to feel more at home I went on a women’s retreat not six weeks after I started attending the church. I figure that at my age I don’t have the year […]