The Human Condition

Jul 01, 2019

This week and next I will be writing about 1) the skewed personal lens through which we view ourselves and the world and 2) how difficult it is, because of this lens, to actually take in God’s love. It’s been a great surprise to me how we are bound by how we view life and […]

God Chooses the Flawed to do His Will

Apr 08, 2019

  When I think about who God chooses to do His work in this world, I am amazed that God would choose such flawed people. He abstains from using the “perfect” ones in order to transform and use the imperfect. There are lots of examples of God’s choosing a flawed man or woman for His […]

He Chooses the Sinners!!!

Nov 05, 2018

  Does God choose the people who have never sinned, the followers of the law, the do-gooders who stand out? No. So often he chooses sinners to carry out his will. Think of Abraham who showed the door to Haggar and his son by her when his son Isaac was born. And what about Jacob […]