Feb 29, 2016

  We know what prayer is, right? The Lord’s Prayer. Petitions. The prayer is in the words that we send up to God. Those are prayers, wonderful ones, yes, but only a small part of praying. Praying mostly consists of opening ourselves up—heart, mind, soul and body—to the presence of God. We can access his […]

Taking Lent Seriously

Jan 23, 2016

  As we approach Lent this year, which starts on February 10th this year, it is on my mind that we should be giving up something substantial in our lives, something that has real meaning and could make a meaningful difference in your life. And I am not talking about chocolate! Unless we’re also giving […]

10,000 Surrenders

Nov 30, 2015

Once we have surrendered our lives to God, we enter onto a journey which I call the 10,000 Surrenders. It is a journey in which we are constantly having to offer our resistance up to God and as we do that, he is healing us of the fight within us. Every time our expectations of […]