The Paradox of Jesus

Sep 01, 2013

       We post-modern people like our facts neat, without any flourishes, black or white, not grey, either supporting one side or the other, and certainly not both. So what do we do with Jesus who clearly embraces more than just one facet of life, who lives out the ultimate paradox of being divine […]

Let God tell you who God is

Mar 04, 2013

        Beliefs are a fine starting place for the Life of the Spirit, but they don’t take you very far.  They take you to the threshold of a real relationship with God, but only your faith, perseverance and love and the healing power of the Holy Spirit will take you all the […]


Jun 04, 2012

I am reading a book called Ignorance by a professor of neurobiology at Columbia University, Stuart Firestein, Ph.D. His thesis is that scientists do not go from one hypothesis to another, but rather they explore their own ignorance of how things work and then decide what the next thing they need to discover/research is. Science […]