Acedia–not for me!

Jun 27, 2011

I finished the book with a ringing and surprising affirmation: “I am not like that!! I don’t wrestle with acedia or depression. That has never been who I am.” I had just put down Acedia & me by Kathleen Norris, a writer whom I really admire, struck by the differences between us, both women on […]

The Irish Story

Jul 27, 2009

The stories we tell ourselves determine who we are.

Can we draw closer to God?

Jul 06, 2009

It is an illusion that we can move closer to God.

Imperfections in the wood

Apr 02, 2009

Like wood, it’s our imperfections, sanded, stained and polished, that are beautiful.

“My Bad”

Mar 05, 2009

Only God can heal our deep woundedness.

You are not your thoughts or emotions!

Jun 16, 2008

It is important to put these in perspective.