What We Pray For

Nov 09, 2015

If we believe the Gospels, so much of what we pray for has been already given to us; still we continue to pray for God’s promised love and forgiveness. Why do we do that? Do we not trust the record that God has left for us? Here are a few examples of his promises to […]

Living the Gospel Truths

May 11, 2015

As the church loses its prominent place in American society, as we lose membership in many churches, we Christians need to examine what we are doing that contributes to the loss of stature of the church and the religion itself. It is not enough to blame contemporary culture for our reduced status. We Christians have […]

Trust in God

Jan 19, 2015

It’s like picking the low-hanging fruit or the river finding the easiest route to the sea; that’s how natural our search for God can be. We don’t have to make it hard or complicated. We just have to listen, wait, watch for the way to open before us. And we walk down that path. God […]

Trust in God

May 05, 2013

       If we spend our days in worry and driven by anxiety, if we are constantly trying to control our life’s circumstances, if we feel free to live our lives as we wish without a thought for how it impacts others, especially those closest to us, if we are living out the cultural […]