Living in the Truth

Jan 21, 2019

We are called by Jesus to live in truth, the truth that Jesus revealed about God and the truth that the Spirit of God reveals about ourselves to each of us: “Whoever lives in the truth comes into the light.”[1] No hiding, no defensiveness, no cloaking ourselves in fine dress to obscure the truth about […]

The Church of Jesus Christ

Jan 14, 2019

The church of Jesus Christ is not a building. It is not a denomination. It is not a sect. It is a fellowship of all his followers in union with Christ, living in the mind of Christ. Whatever differences there might be among us, they are as nothing when compared to being a part of […]

What Revelations Can Teach Us

Jan 07, 2019

During the summer I was led to read the Book of Revelations which I have had little contact with. Immediately, I could see a huge benefit from reading the introductory letters to seven churches. Each church was affirmed for where they were at the time and then challenged for their short-falls.   We can see […]