The Trajectory of a Life

Jul 22, 2019

Do you every think about the main trajectory of your life? It’s a process not unlike connecting the dots, making sense of all that has happened in our lives and where that has influenced the next and next things that have challenged us and what we have given back to life. I often think about […]

Goodness, Kindness and Gentleness

Jul 15, 2019

  These three qualities: goodness, kindness and gentleness express love, patience, peace, joy, faithfulness and self-control, the other qualities of the fruit of the Spirit to a T.[1] But are we Christians known by our goodness, kindness and gentleness? What do those qualities have to do with spreading His word, with serving His people? And […]

It is so hard to feel God’s love!

Jul 08, 2019

Last week I wrote about how hard it is to see ourselves clearly and without our parents’ and our culture’s overlay. This week’s post is about how hard it is to feel, to accept God’s love for us in every cell in our body. We can “know” in our minds that God loves us and […]

The Human Condition

Jul 01, 2019

This week and next I will be writing about 1) the skewed personal lens through which we view ourselves and the world and 2) how difficult it is, because of this lens, to actually take in God’s love. It’s been a great surprise to me how we are bound by how we view life and […]

A Believer, a Follower or a Disciple?

Jun 24, 2019

The choice is ours: to be a believer, a follower or a disciple of Jesus. Each one is a big step into the full life that Christ offers us. To be a believer is to accept the teachings of the Bible, to embrace the life Jesus lived on this earth, to join with others in […]

Recognizing God’s Voice

Jun 17, 2019

  The voices in our head, especially the repetitive ones we’ve lived with since childhood, are loud and clear about what we are supposed to be doing. They constitute the great “shoulds” of our lives, because they are still trying to get us to make up for the problems we had obeying our parents and […]

From Birth to Death to Resurrection

Jun 10, 2019

Did you ever think that Jesus’ story from His birth to His death and resurrection might echo how He comes to us: first as a baby, a tiny commitment that matures and matures in us until we can see the risen Christ and we have been truly reborn? Every year our church calendars detail the […]

Rebellion or Surrender

Jun 03, 2019

In my own experience of being faithful to God, I have come across many areas of resistance that I have had to lay on the altar to find help in overcoming, to be healed of, to let go of. The Bible uses the timeline of 40 years to suggest a long, long time, for the […]

My Answer to “There is no god!”

May 27, 2019

I get comments from time to time questioning my beliefs about God, that we can’t see Him, that He doesn’t exist. I don’t usually answer them, but I do think about what I would say to them.   I look at the universe, its beauty and its depth, its complexity and its interdependence, and I […]

The Spirit Amplifies What We Do

May 20, 2019

  God is the gardener, the pruner of the vine which is His son, Jesus Christ. Where we fit into this metaphor is as the branches off the one true vine. As the Gardener prunes our branch, He heals our sufferings and discards the unnecessary or the aberrant. He will bring us to our true […]