The Wholeness of Who We Were Meant To Be

May 15, 2023

5.15.23   One of the most interesting things about living on this earth at this time is that only God knows where we are going or what will happen to us. We live as if our plans and agendas will happen, but are often disappointed by what actually happens. That’s because we are not in […]

What is God calling you to do right now?

May 08, 2023

5.8.23   Each of us alive now is meant to be on the Earth at this time and in the place where we are. The question each of us needs to ask ourselves and God is this: What is God calling me to do in the world now? What am I particularly well placed to […]

The Church Could Help Christians to Follow Jesus

May 01, 2023

5.1.23  The church could help Christians follow Jesus.   There is so much evidence today that the church is failing in America. Membership and attendance has been falling for years. And the church has become so much more identified with being American than with being Christian. Here is what George Barna, a researcher into the […]

Our Beliefs Must Be Lived

Apr 24, 2023

4.24.23            Our Beliefs Must Be Lived   It is a wonderful thing to come to believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and in God as the Creator and Sustainer of this whole universe, but we must not stop there. Our belief is just a mere beginning to loving God, if it invites […]

The Kingdom of God is Here Among Us

Apr 17, 2023

4.17.23            The Kingdom of God is Here Among Us   Jesus states clearly in Luke 17:21 that “the kingdom of God in in your midst” (NIV), is “within you”(KJV), is ”in the midst of you” (RSV), and “is already among you”(The Message). I believe that He is really saying that we are living in the […]

4.10.23 Death and Resurrection

Apr 10, 2023

  Easter celebrations are done for another year! And what fun they are for the kids with the Easter Egg hunts! And what meaning they have for us adults who follow Jesus! He was not afraid, only for a few minutes in the Garden of Gethsemane, of the death He was facing. He went willing […]


Apr 03, 2023

4.3.23   Most of all in this life, we don’t want to suffer. We don’t want pain, or interruptions to our plans or anything to come to us that is not on our agendas. We Americans are experts at not accepting anything that creates suffering in us and complaining about the least little thing that […]

Slavery to the World

Mar 27, 2023

3.27.23   Slavery to the World   We think of slavery as the chattel slavery experienced by the African slaves in our history. But, really, we are all enslaved to different degrees to what we absorbed from our culture as we were growing up, to what we absorbed of the teachings of our families, and to […]

Living in the Present Moment

Mar 20, 2023

3.20.23   We are so easily distracted by our own agendas, our judgments and biases, our chattering minds, that we are seldom fully present to anyone we are with or anything that is happening. So often, because of our inattention, we are only hearing some of what is being said by the person we are […]

Beware the Narrative

Mar 13, 2023

3.13.23   The narrative is the story we’ve grown up with, the stories in our culture, the stories in our families, and our own take on what has happened to us. The narrative is what we look for to be affirmed in the world as we want our lives to be. We are wholly dependent […]