Religion and Spirituality

May 04, 2009

Religion and spirituality are both needed in the worship of God.

The Christ-Centered Life

Apr 02, 2009

Surrendering control of your life to the Lord leads to a Christ-Centered life.

Imperfections in the wood

Apr 02, 2009

Like wood, it’s our imperfections, sanded, stained and polished, that are beautiful.


Apr 02, 2009

Animals are reminders of the kingdom, of all of creation.


Apr 02, 2009

Infusing new life into a tradition.

Meditation: By the Waters

Apr 02, 2009

We are transformed by the living waters of Jesus

How does Christ call you?

Apr 02, 2009

Sitting in silence regularly allows us to hear Christ calling us in all things.


Apr 02, 2009

To accept love from the Lord means giving up your unhappiness with yourself.


Apr 02, 2009

We must also forgive God, as well as ourselves and our enemies.