Suffering and the Wilderness

Jul 30, 2018

  Life can throw us curve balls. Suffering can come upon us suddenly. We can lose our job. Get sick. A dear one can die. A hurricane can destroy all that we own. And more. With each time of suffering we are thrown into the wilderness, into a place of transition and seeming danger where […]

The Lesson of the Two Snakes, One in Genesis, One in Numbers

Nov 27, 2017

Two snakes: one in Genesis 3 and one in Numbers 21. Since I’ve spent the last few years knee-deep in the Exodus story, I finally made the connection between these slithery creatures the other day. Aha! I thought, these two snakes are connected. The first snake, the one in Genesis, represents Satan or the Devil […]

Is God punishing us or are we punishing ourselves?

May 01, 2017

At the end of the Deuteronomy, in Books 28, 29 and 30, just before the Israelites are to cross the River Jordan into the Promised Land, God is laying out for the Israelites how they are to live there. Deuteronomy 28 details the results of their choices in life: if they choose to follow God, […]

Free Will and Rebellion

Feb 13, 2017

We could call the ancient Israelites rebellious—that was certainly their nature in the wilderness of the Exodus story. Every single time they couldn’t find the water they wanted or the food they needed, every single time they were afraid, i.e. when Moses stayed 40 days up on Mt. Sinai with God, every time things didn’t […]

What Jesus Said about God, Part II

May 23, 2016

This week we continue the theme of what Jesus said about God. Thus far Jesus has described God as Gardener, Pruner, Sower, Father, Investor in us of his “capital” which is love and the One who treats everyone equally. Big shoes that only God can fill! And so we go to the last teachings of […]

Exodus Part II: Wandering In The Wilderness

Jan 15, 2016