In Summary, The Beatitudes

Jul 16, 2018

Have you been tracking the pictures of magnolias in my neighborhood that I’ve been posting the last eight weeks alongside the blog posts on the Beatitudes?  The flowers have gone from a tight bud through various stages of opening to a full flower, suggesting that the Beatitudes are a flowering of human potential in God. […]


Apr 03, 2017

If English had a better neutral pronoun, I would use it instead of “he” for God. As it is, neither pronoun, “he” or “it,” begins to describe who God is or what God is about. God the Father is such a common image that we have of God—it speaks to the relationship that God wants […]


Mar 27, 2017

By the time we are teenagers we have grown shells like turtles– a hard, outer shell which surrounds our truer selves, protecting what is true and real within us. The shell consists of our cultural conditioning and our own self-image as well as our ego and everything human about us. We may think that all […]

Our Minds, God’s Mind

Mar 20, 2017

Do you know how you think? Do you listen you to the negative tape in your head? Do you know the source of its injunctions, its fears? Are you comfortable with all that you are, warts and all? Or do you push away the thoughts? Will you do anything to drown them out? What is […]


Feb 10, 2014

“Imaginary friend in the sky. Delusional. Sad,” commented one of my Facebook readers recently on a day I was writing about surrendering to God. What he wrote caused me to think about how I would describe God. The picture of God he painted is the one I had as a child: an angry God, a […]

God is Love

Nov 25, 2013

Need I say, God is Love and anything that is love is in God. God is love in all kinds of ways that we take for granted. In creating this earth he provided everything that we would ever need to eat or to use in creating all kinds of unimaginable things. He created the interdependent, […]

The Mind of God

Oct 03, 2011

Think of a cosmic switchboard or a universal WiFi connection. Is this what the mind of God is like? I believe that all of creation is contained somehow in the mind of God. And within that mind travels all the information about our needs and desires and struggles and pain and created selves. God knows […]