Trust in God

Apr 06, 2020

How do we come to trust in God, to believe and to live an anxiety-free life grounded in His presence? How do we come to be like Shadrach, Meshack and Abendigo who trusted God even as they were thrown into a fire or Paul who lived through all kinds of challenges including being shipwrecked and […]

In This World, But Not of This World

Apr 16, 2018

[based on Romans 12:2] To live in the world and not be of the world is not something we can claim because we believe in Jesus Christ. It is a step-by-step dismantling of the world’s influence in our lives. It is taking the bias of the world out of our own thinking. It is giving […]

Faith is…

Apr 02, 2018

Faith is Believing in God, Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit… and Obeying His will, the Spirit of the Law… and Willingly following God wherever He would lead us… and Complete trusting in God… and Giving up our own free will.   Believe Believing in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is the […]

Christianity is a Lay Movement

Apr 17, 2017

Christianity is a lay-driven movement, not a preacher-driven one. Each of us is to have a personal relationship with Christ, a deep knowledge of the Bible gained through Bible study, an ability to hear and follow God’s Indwelling Spirit, a body of experience of who God is in our own lives, knowledge of our own […]

Redemption in Suffering

Nov 21, 2016

  The time between the mother’s diagnosis of cancer and her death was just about a year, a year that Alyssa Monks, an artist, spent in taking care of her mother. And this is what she learned from this experience: “We’re all going to have big losses in our lives…They bring us to our knees…So […]

What the small self, the ego wants:

Oct 10, 2016

No problems or challenges All the stuff it wants Lots of good attention from others An easy life To be self-sufficient To be left alone, to be free to do whatever s/he wants when s/he wants to. To be in control of its life. Following the wants of the small self only leads to more […]

Surrender is the Key

Jun 13, 2016

The spiritual journey comes with many challenges and many joys. The first challenge is giving up my life to Christ and agreeing to let him lead me where he will. And then comes a long period of retraining/transformation of how I think, how I feel, how I think about myself, how I relate to other […]

Recognizing God’s voice Within

May 04, 2015

I easily recognize God’s voice within after all these years because he never thinks like I do. For example, yesterday morning as I was awakening: these words on my mind—cerebellum the 2nd. If you’re interested in what this phrase meant to me see the ** section below. When he speaks in my mind, he is […]

Trust in God

Jan 19, 2015

It’s like picking the low-hanging fruit or the river finding the easiest route to the sea; that’s how natural our search for God can be. We don’t have to make it hard or complicated. We just have to listen, wait, watch for the way to open before us. And we walk down that path. God […]

Effects of Transformation by the Holy Spirit

Aug 25, 2014

I write often that the Holy Spirit’s job is to transform us from the inside out, but what does that mean in someone’s life? This week I want to list some of the effects of the God’s transforming Spirit on us. I hope that you will offer up your own experiences of transformation in the […]