The Way

Oct 19, 2015

It seems to me that our goal in our Christian journey with Christ is to be converted from the world’s thinking to the way God thinks and to rest in his arms totally. We are so enmeshed in the world’s ways that we often don’t see that there is any difference, because we’ve been so […]

Integrated by Spiritual Practices

Jul 27, 2015

If you allow God’s inspiration to come to you in its own good time, if you are listening deeply to the “still, small voice”[1 Kings 19] within you, if you then act on what is suggested, you will never violate who you are or do anything wrong or in the wrong timing. Living this way […]


Jul 13, 2015

In the dream I am talking to a favorite minister of mine: “Your job is to inspire the congregation; mine is to connect the dots.” And there in my dream God showed me my purpose. For me connecting the dots means translating Jesus’ sayings in the Bible into living a life dedicated to him in […]

“The Lord helps them who help themselves”

May 18, 2015

I don’t know how many times my father said to my brother and me when we were children, “The Lord helps those who help themselves!” In the 40’s and 50’s culture that I grew up in it was a common theme which still survives today as an assumption in our culture, even though I don’t […]

Blessings and Grace

Feb 16, 2015

  I am sitting in a booth at Chuck E. Cheese while my grandsons play games and rack up coupons. It’s noisy just like it used to be when I took my sons to another one in California 30 years ago. I am thinking about the grace and blessings that I’ve experienced in my life, […]

Are we following the Gospel or using it for our own Purposes?

Feb 02, 2015

We can call ourselves Christian and go to church, but are we living the Gospel of Jesus Christ? or are we using the Gospel for our own purposes? Are we living Christ’s Word or our own watered-down version? The Gospel has been used over the centuries for many nefarious purposes—to convert the “infidels” during the […]

True Humility

Jan 26, 2015

Humility is a strange concept to us Americans. We are so self-sufficient and self-directed and motivated, that we almost can’t grasp what humility is. It is not a cloak that we wear to subdue ourselves and look like we are “humble” and pious. It is not an attitude that we have to be a doormat […]

The Way of Prayer

Sep 22, 2014

  The way of prayer is to be attendant on God in all that we do. This takes a deep listening for God’s “still, small voice” within, a back and forth with God about what we’re to do now and how we’re to do it. It’s a 24-hour a day attunement to the Divine.   […]

The Larger Self

Aug 18, 2014

  When God created us male and female in his image he declared his creation good, [Genesis 1:27-31] even though he gave us free will. Regardless of the state of the world which seems to be increasingly volatile, which we, all of mankind, have created, we have to entertain the possibility that God who knows […]

Beliefs and the Way

Dec 31, 2012

Start with believing in God/Christ/Holy Spirit, but beliefs are only an invitation to us into a life lived in the presence of God. They do not, by themselves, take us anywhere closer to God/Jesus/Christ/Spirit. But… if you want to live in God’s presence, feel God’s love, realize the promise of your own creation, be sure […]