Jesus, Fully Divine, Fully Human

Sep 14, 2015

I think we focus on Jesus’ divinity so much, we fail to notice that his human side did trip him up occasionally. If we keep in mind these few instances when he acted out of his humanity, I think we will truly grasp why he is so available to us and so understanding of the […]

Make Haste S-l-o-w-l-y

Aug 24, 2015

“Make haste slowly” has been reverberating in my ears the last three days as I’ve been working on sample table runners for my son’s wedding. Each time I try to start a part of this project, I hear within me to slow down. To not rush. To be relaxed. This is not the way I […]

The Paradox of Jesus

Sep 01, 2013

       We post-modern people like our facts neat, without any flourishes, black or white, not grey, either supporting one side or the other, and certainly not both. So what do we do with Jesus who clearly embraces more than just one facet of life, who lives out the ultimate paradox of being divine […]

My Will, God’s Will

Aug 25, 2013

If we meditate on the cross as the intersection of heaven and earth and of God and man, then we would say that the vertical axis is God/heaven and the horizontal one is man/earth. It is at the intersection of the two axes that all our decisions and actions become clear. Here is the dilemma […]

The Bible is a Living Document

Aug 04, 2013

       The true value of the Bible lies, not in its historical accounts of the Israelites or of Jesus, although they are incredibly insightful into the nature of God and man and certainly capture the essence and teachings of Jesus, but in its being a living document of our living God. It is […]

Become an Observer

Jun 16, 2013

       Instead of identifying with all that you think and feel, try this: step back slightly from your own inner experience of your mind and self and see your own thinking from the point of view of an observer. Try to hold what your mind offers you with less attachment. Instead of “I […]

Use words if you have to

Feb 18, 2013

In the early 13th century as Francis of Assisi began to gather followers around him and then, having establishing his order with the pope, Francis sent out his monks with these words, “Preach the gospel everywhere, and when necessary use words.” 800 years later we can only imagine what was in his mind, but this […]

Beliefs and the Way

Dec 31, 2012

Start with believing in God/Christ/Holy Spirit, but beliefs are only an invitation to us into a life lived in the presence of God. They do not, by themselves, take us anywhere closer to God/Jesus/Christ/Spirit. But… if you want to live in God’s presence, feel God’s love, realize the promise of your own creation, be sure […]

Called to Recognize the Divine in Everything

Dec 24, 2012

       Born in a manger… in a stable …with parents of low station…first visited by the shepherds. Jesus had an unremarkable birth, hardly worth mentioning, until the Wise Men traveled from far away in the East to see what the glowing star heralded.  Our attention is now piqued, even Herod wanted to capture the child […]

Calling God by Name

Dec 03, 2012

       I am aware that I am not sure how to address God in my writing, whether God or Christ or Jesus or the Holy Spirit would be the preferred name, whether He or She is the proper way to address God or what the preferences of my readers in naming God are. You might […]