God Thinks Differently Than We Do

Mar 23, 2020

Automatically, I think these kinds of thoughts:   I am judgmental: today a woman was pushing a grocery cart with a toddler in it in light rain. It took her halfway across the crosswalk to raise the hood on the girl’s jacket. And I think, “It’s about time.”   I am impatient with anything that […]

Those who can see and hear

Oct 07, 2019

Jesus spoke so often of those who could hear and see and those who couldn’t. I count 24 verses in the four Gospels echoing this theme. I am not so sure that we take to heart what He said. We think that we know what He means; we’ve heard the truth preached from the pulpit; […]

The Spirit Amplifies What We Do

May 20, 2019

  God is the gardener, the pruner of the vine which is His son, Jesus Christ. Where we fit into this metaphor is as the branches off the one true vine. As the Gardener prunes our branch, He heals our sufferings and discards the unnecessary or the aberrant. He will bring us to our true […]


Dec 03, 2018

“Hush, Hush, somebody’s callin my name                                     Oh my lord, oh my lord, what shall I do?”     Do you have any idea about what is coming in your life? How often do our lives take a turn that we never anticipated? And how do we respond to those changes? With acceptance and grace? […]

We Limit God’s Presence in Our Lives

Nov 12, 2018

How can we truly give God power over our lives when we so limit what He can do in our lives by the ways we think of Him and how we are in this world? I’ve been thinking about the limitations of our thinking and how our idea of God is distorted in so many […]

Can We Really See and Hear Jesus?

Apr 30, 2018

I have come to believe that even we Christians are most often deaf and blind to God’s presence in us and in our world. We don’t see the blessings and grace He showers on us daily. We don’t see or understand the answers to our prayers that He sends. We take everything personally, often as […]

How God thinks vs. how I think

Mar 12, 2018

I gave my life to Christ some 35 years ago. Even before this happened I began to hear God speak to me. The way He thinks is so different from how I think, that from the beginning I was able to hear and to know that it was His wisdom I was hearing and to […]

Running from Pain #2

Jan 21, 2018

There are layers and layers to grief, but the one thing we do not want to do is to deny the grief, stuff the tears, or in any way avoid the pain. It is only in thoroughly grieving all our pain and suffering that we free ourselves of the past. There are layers to our […]


Jul 24, 2017

The word prayer hardly describes all that communion with and in God means. Prayer is being in God’s presence, any time, any place with or without words. The words communion and togetherness best describe the state of living in and with God. Prayer is a state of being with, in communion with our deepest selves […]

The Ways of the Holy Spirit

Jun 05, 2017

The Holy Spirit calls us in many ways: through our thoughts to follow him, to address this issue or that, to allow him to heal us, through our dreams, a friend’s suggestion of a movie to see. An idea heard two or three times in as many days. An invitation to see or hear with […]